The team at Leverage Technologies has written an updated (2021) ERP implementation guide to help companies select and implement the right ERP solution for their business.

In this guide, the award-winning and experienced ERP implementation team at Leverage Technologies reveal the secrets to successful ERP implementations to ensure that you get business benefits from your ERP implementation and that your business achieves a quick return on investment from ERP selection, implementation and support.

This e-book (available below) covers topics including:

  • Three lessons that underpin ERP implementation success
  • Defining your business requirements
  • Selecting your new system and ERP implementation partner
  • Ensuring a smooth project kick-off
  • What’s involved in configuration testing
  • Cost control and issues management
  • Measuring impact and ROI

This ERP implementation guide has been written to provide practical ERP implementation advice for small to medium-sized Australian businesses. The team at Leverage Technologies has implemented SAP, Sage and MYOB solutions for more than 300 businesses across a range of industry sectors. The team has taken our learnings from the past 16 years and have put our ERP implementation secrets into this e-book. We hope this e-book provides value to your ERP implementation.

Selecting and implementing ERP solutions should follow a process and a structure (methodology). Remember that not all ERP implementation processes are the same. Multiple factors will influence your company’s choice of ERP solution and implementation partner:

  • Budget
  • Functional requirements
  • Industry requirements
  • Number of users and system complexity
  • Internal resource availability
  • Project timeline

There are multiple factors that influence successful project outcomes but, no matter the industry or the functional requirements there are several common elements to ERP project success:

  • Careful attention to the ERP selection process that follows a structured methodology
  • Clear project management guidelines
  • Internal resource allocation
  • Choosing the right ERP implementation partner
  • Allocating sufficient budget to your ERP project
  • Careful attention to project phases and deliverables
  • C Level project buy-in

Click here to download the Leverage Technologies e-book – “The Complete Guide to Implementing a New ERP solution”.

If you want to talk to the team at Leverage Technologies about your ERP implementation you can reach us on 1300 045 046.