Sage Intacct is a cloud-first solution for medium-sized companies wanting to automate processes, grow rapidly and improve financial management across complex corporate accounting requirements.

Sage Intacct has strong financial management software solutions across multiple industry sectors including project services/project accounting for the professional services industry sector (IT services, marketing services, SaaS developers and other professional services based organisations) that invoice time and services to a range of customers. For any professional services business, the capturing of time is an important task:

  • Capture time against the correct project
  • Compare time expenses to budget
  • Allocate the correct activities and task “descriptions” to the line entry

These tasks must be done in a timely manner and must include the ability for users to capture tasks anywhere, anytime. Any professional services-based business understands the importance of timesheet accuracy – after all, services-based businesses sell time for a living. Incorrect timesheet entry or poor allocation of time to projects can lead to issues with invoicing and payment – causing delays in the all-important quote to cash timeframes.

When it comes to timesheet entry, speed and accuracy are critical.

Sage Intacct (cloud financial management) is constantly looking to improve workflow and automation to help your business grow. The team at Sage Intacct has recognised the importance of timesheet automation for services businesses. Using the latest AI technology Sage Intacct now offers intelligent timesheets:

  • Use the AI assistant to make sure all time is accurately captured
  • Works across multiple projects to ensure no time is “lost”
  • Improve job costing
  • Save time with faster timesheet entry
  • Easy timesheet reconciliations
  • Reduce human errors
  • Continuous insights
  • Reduce “late” timesheets and time taken chasing professional services teams

Of course, Sage Intacct is a cloud solution – available anywhere, anytime. Timesheet entry is the same – access timesheets in the cloud from any device with an internet connection – true mobility.

Watch Sage Intacct Intelligent Time in Action:

Download our Sage Intacct – Intelligent Timesheet information sheet

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