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Complex distribution ERP that streamlines management and delivers success

Sage X3 for complex distribution allows you to stop juggling and
start managing the supply, demand and dispatch of stock with ease.

Got a lot riding on accurate inventory and logistics?

Find the right equilibrium and reduce costs with Sage ERP software for complex wholesale distributors.

Once your business reaches or exceeds $30 million in turnover, your business enters a realm of organisational complexity that can’t easily be managed with outdated systems. You may have multiple warehouses across Australia, cater to a variety of industries, flourishing e-commerce integrations, or sell to some of the country’s largest and most innovative retailers.

To keep scaling you need a complex distribution ERP—and Sage X3 is the best. Move beyond the dilemma of whether you’re holding too much or too little stock, free up your cash flow, and anticipate purchasing and delivery demands in a timely way with Sage X3 for complex distribution.

Optimum features for wholesale distribution businesses

Sage ERP software for complex wholesale distributors includes outstanding functionalities.

Smart Purchase Planning

Ensure on time, in full delivery with advanced inventory and distribution management and traceability.

Intelligent Inventory

Embrace tools for superior forecasting, procurement and distribution with clever recommendations.

Complex Financials

Improve financial management and simplify consolidated reporting.

Enterprise Intelligence

Unlock the data you need from within your inventory and operations.

Discover Sage X3

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A complex distribution ERP enables a polished, paperless warehouse

Be better prepared and reduce risks by streamlining all aspects of your warehousing, distribution and purchasing.

Large distributors must contend with long lead times, overseas suppliers, costly freight and interstate stock transfers, stock ageing and the risk of obsolete inventory.

Sage’s complex distribution ERP can transform piecemeal distribution management to enable your business to:


Plan purchases based on lead times and order analysis, forecast sales, and shipping optimisation


Analyse data on sales, shipping, suppliers, and landed costs


Guarantee traceability and compliance


Manage your pick, pack, stock take and receipt on the warehouse floor using handheld scanners


Automate sales and orders through EDI connectivity with suppliers/retailers

Sage Enterprise Management for complex distribution offers foresight and precision across your business, through synchronised processes and information-sharing.

Who should use Sage for complex distribution?

Sage X3 is an essential complex distribution ERP for companies that:


Operate multiple warehouses, across several states, and cater to multiple industries


Want to integrate the front and back ends of e-commerce operations


Have a turnover of more than $30 million


Spend large sums on freight and want to reduce costs


Distribute stock with compliance and traceability obligations


Want to ensure on time, in full delivery to improve cash flow and customer service

Why select Sage X3?


Sage X3 gives complex distributors a competitive advantage by providing a 360-degree view of your customers, supply chain, purchase planning, production and financial management.


Out-of-the-box functionality for advanced warehouse management makes for an effortless deployment, quick gains on inventory optimisation, improved pick accuracy and enhanced logistics.


Sage and Leverage Technologies have been partnering for 18 years, with a reputation as leaders in complex distribution ERP solutions—you can be confident of a successful project and fast Return on Investment.

Get an end to end solution ideal for inventory management

Don’t disappoint your customers through a failure to meet stock and dispatch expectations. Discover the Sage ERP software for complex wholesale distributors.

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