SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – Affordable web-based reporting

Whether you use SAP Business One or Sage Enterprise Management, if you want affordable, fully integrated web-based reporting, Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services is the solution. It provides an extensive range of tools for creating, deploying and managing reports, all ready to go, ‘straight out of the box’. And you can also extend the native functionality of SSRR by tailoring your own reports, using the inbuilt programming and API features.


A server-based platform, SSRS allows you to create interactive, tabular, graphical and free-form reports from multiple data sources (SAP B1, Sage Enterprise Management or even an alternative database). It supports relational, multidimensional and XML-based data, and can produce reports with incredibly rich data visualisation, including charts, maps and sparklines. It works within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, and is fully integrated with SQL Server tools and components.

The specialist team at Leverage Technologies has used SSRS to write financial and operational reports for numerous customers. And we have extensive experience integrating it with both SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management. We can configure your SSRS solution to allow you to process your reports manually or schedule automatic processing. So that once generated, you and your team can view them in a variety of formats, either with a web-based connection or with a Microsoft Windows application (like Excel) or SharePoint site.

Just as importantly, you’ll be able to easily control access to your reports, with rule-based, subscription-based and on-demand controls, and you’ll also be able to trigger emailed data alerts for new reports and when report data changes.

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Microsoft SSRS reporting

  • Create, deploy and manage web-based reports
  • SAP Business One or Sage Enterprise Management
  • Pre-defined reporting templates
  • Program your own reports
  • Interactive, tabular, charts, maps, sparklines & free-form reports
  • Supports multiple data sources
  • Manual & scheduled report processing
  • Rule-based, subscription-based and on-demand report access
  • New report & changed data alerts
  • API access

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