Complimentary solutions for SAP Business One – Extend SAP’s power

One of SAP B1’s greatest strengths is its ability to be extended. As a truly ubiquitous product, there are literally thousands of complimentary solutions available for it. More than 3,000, in fact! This means you can make SAP Business One do almost anything you want – from automated workflow to inventory optimisation and advanced manufacturing.

Assuming, that is, you know which complimentary solutions to use, and how to use them…


Leverage technologies works closely with a number of strategic solutions partners to add further value to SAP Business One. We’ve hand-picked a collection of tried-and-tested solutions that work best for Australian SMEs, and which are also locally supported and implemented. These solutions range from small add-ons to larger, more complex modules and integrated applications.

Because we’ve spent so much time selecting and using these solutions, we can help you understand their relative merits for your business, their pricing structures and the cost of ownership for you. And naturally, we can implement and support any of these solutions, significantly reducing your implementation risk in the process.

Some popular accredited solutions we support

Inventory optimisation – Valogix for SAP Business One provides integrated inventory planning and optimisation for wholesalers and distributors. By eliminating under- and over-stocking, it smooths cash-flow without compromising customer satisfaction. Valogix for SAP Business One does all the hard work for you – using algorithms and calculations to recommend purchasing planning based on lead times, stock levels and required customer fulfilment.

Job costing – Enprise Job Costing for SAP Business One extends SAP B1’s native job costing/project control functionality, allowing job-based organisations to effectively calculate work in progress, forecast cost to complete, manage timesheet entry, cost labour, and control jobs and projects across financial periods.



Usability – SAP B1 is already arguably the most user-friendly ERP product on the market today. B1UP Usability Package for SAP Business One makes it even friendlier. Without any programming, you can add function buttons and mandatory fields, perform letter merges, add and edit menus, and much more.

Document management – Autodocs Document Management for SAP Business One saves you time and money by automating the delivery of documents to print, fax, e-mail, SMS and XML. It provides true document management capability, enabling you to automate statement runs, send invoices, keep records, and much more.


How can we help you?

Call 1300 045 046 now to discuss how you could benefit from extending SAP Business One’s native functionality with a proven complementary solution. You’ll get to speak to an experienced SAP Business One consultant, with actual experience helping SMEs like yours. They may even be able to offer you advice over the phone.