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Sage Intacct – Helping Australian Non-Profit Organisations Grow

Want to help your non-profit grow while retaining control of the financial aspects and spending associated with donor management? Sage Intacct is a cloud based accounting software platform that offers financial management for Pledge, Grant and Donor Management, required by nonprofit organisations. Donor Management functionality is delivered via Sage’s Grants Tracking & Billing application. Let’s explore how Sage Intacct can assist your organisation with the management of donor funds:

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Centralised Data Management:

Sage Intacct serves as a centralised platform where all donor and pledge-related financial data* is stored. This ensures all relevant information is easily accessible and well-organised, leading to better decision-making and efficient management.

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Integration with Financial Management:

Integration with Financial Management allows organisations to seamlessly connect donor and pledge values with their overall financial records. This integration helps in tracking incoming donations, managing pledges, and monitoring financial performance.

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Utilising Sage Intacct your donor management system can be tailored to the specific needs of a nonprofit organisation. You can customise fields, reports, and workflows to match the unique requirements of your pledge and donor management processes.

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Reporting and Analytics:

Sage Intacct offers robust reporting and analytical tools and dashboards that can provide insights into donor behaviour, pledge fulfilment rates, and the overall financial health of the organisation. This data can assist in developing strategies for improving donor engagement and fundraising efforts.

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Security and Compliance:

Nonprofits often deal with sensitive donor information. Sage Intacct’s security features and compliance measures can help protect donor data and ensure that the organisation is adhering to data protection regulations.

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As nonprofits grow and their donor base expands, managing pledges and donor relationships can become more complex. Sage Intacct’s scalability allows organisations to handle increasing volumes of data and transactions with ease.

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Donor Engagement:

By effectively managing donor data, pledges, and interactions, organisations provide a more personalised experience to donors. This leads to increased donor loyalty and engagement.

*Sage Intacct is able to manage the Financial aspects of Grant Management, however, the non-financial aspects of donor management (donor database, thank you letters, event invites, marketing follow-up, newsletters, case management etc.) are usually managed in a CRM application like Salesforce.  Sage Intacct and Sage Intacct partners across the world offer integration to Salesforce to ensure seamless interaction between the operational (non-financial) and financial aspects of Donor Management.

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