Sage Enterprise Intelligence Reporting – Low-cost business intelligence for Sage Enterprise Management

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is the BI tool built specifically to integrate with Sage Enterprise Management. By the same people who created Sage Enterprise Management. So you can be sure it integrates seamlessly and complements the Sage Enterprise Management offering perfectly, enabling you to collect key data from your ERP system and transform it into meaningful information for real-time analysis and decision making. All at the click of a button, whenever you need it.


It provides powerful, enterprise-wide financial and operational reporting tools, with pre-written graphical report templates, KPIs and dashboards for reporting on every aspect of your business – from sales to inventory, manufacturing to purchasing. And if the report you need isn’t there, you can easily create your own, with the simple click-and-drag, Excel-like interface.

You also benefit from powerful search and browsing capabilities, and the ability to drill down to more detailed information and source data at any time.

At Leverage, we’ve been implementing business intelligence solutions for Sage Enterprise Management since 2009. We know the products inside-out, and we have broad and deep industry experience. Chances are, we already understand your challenges and objectives, and we already know how to speak your language. So when we come on board, we’re able to immediately deliver value.

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Sage Enterprise Intelligence Reporting

  • Enterprise-wide – sales, finance, inventory, manufacturing
  • Graphical reports
  • Data analysis by month, by quarter, gross profit, etc.
  • Standard integration to Sage Enterprise Management data
  • Pre-configured reports – ready to go (out the box)
  • Excel-like interface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to create your own reports
  • Great data analysis tool

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Call 1300 045 046 now to discuss your Sage Enterprise Management business intelligence needs. You’ll get to speak to an experienced ERP consultant, with actual experience implementing and supporting Sage Business Intelligence Reporting. They may even be able to offer you advice over the phone.