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SAP Hybris CRM – Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is part of the SAP Hybris solution. SAP C4C offers cloud based delivery of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Service functionality. SAP C4C has been integrated to multiple ERP solutions including SAP Business One.

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SAP C4C CRM and Service allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle from marketing and lead generation through to customer acquisition, sales and post sales service. All of this and more from a cloud based application from SAP – a world leader in business management solutions.

Gain high quality customer engagement by combining multiple channels of information to give your sales team the best possible chance of creating positive outcomes for your customer.

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Cloud 4 Customers

  • Marketing campaigns – send marketing newsletters and create marketing campaigns.
  • Lead management – manage customers, opportunities, leads, contacts.
  • Sales force automation – automate the process of reporting throughout the sales cycle.
  • Sales pipeline management – manage your sales forecast.
  • Account management and planning – manage your account management visits (for existing and prospective customers).
  • Share – share information and connect your sales teams with best practice selling.
  • Sales quotations – create quotations in SAP C4C and integrate that information to SAP Business One (or alternative ERP applications).
  • Integration to SAP Business One – tight integration to SAP Business One ERP.
  • Social media – find out more about your customers with social media feeds.
  • Service calls – manage service calls.
  • Service management – manage warranty.
  • Reporting – report on all aspects of marketing, CRM and service – across the organisation
  • Mobility – get the information that you want, when you want it – full mobility for your sales and service teams.

SAP Hybris CRM –  Cloud for Customer Integrated to SAP Business

One Whether you are considering implementing SAP Business One or you are an existing SAP Business One customer it is highly likely that at some point in time you will consider your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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