Crystal Server – Easy, affordable, insightful reporting for SMEs

Turn data into knowledge. With Crystal Server you get easy, intuitive access to the important information you need to make informed decisions. Use the pre-configured reports, dashboards and data exploration tools for a window into the information that most SME’s need, or customise your own if you have very specific data mining needs.


Leverage Technologies has been designing, implementing and supporting Crystal Server reporting solutions since 2005. We provide seamless integration with both SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management, and have extensive experience tailoring reports in virtually every functional area, including finance, customer relationship management, inventory, sales, purchasing and manufacturing. So we know how to give you access to precisely the information you need, when and where you need it – whether you’re on-site or on the road.

(We’ve also created several custom finance and sales reports which can be integrated into your SAP Business One / Sage Enterprise Management menu structure.)

Just as importantly, we make the entire process trouble-free for you. We have enough ‘on the ground’ experience across a range of verticals to understand your actual business needs, and enough product experience to make deployment fast and efficient.

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Crystal Server

  • Fast, accurate reports
  • Graphical & table-based reports
  • Pre-configured reports & dashboards
  • Intuitive, guided data exploration
  • Easy report tailoring
  • SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management integration
  • On-premise & mobile reporting
  • Supports multiple products & data sources
  • Scheduled reports
  • Multiple users
  • Share reports across the enterprise

How can we help you?

Call 1300 045 046 now to discuss your business needs, and how we can provide you with a clearer insight into what’s actually happening across your enterprise. You’ll get to speak to an experienced ERP consultant, with actual experience designing, implementing and support Crystal Server reports for SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management. They may even be able to offer you advice over the phone.