Alchemex Reporting – Integrated Excel reporting for Sage Enterprise Management

Comfortable with Excel-format reports, but want to reduce your spreadsheet clutter? Alchemex is the answer. It’s a fully integrated business intelligence solution for Sage Enterprise Management that will help you easily control, automate, and analyse your financial data. So you can make better-informed decisions, faster.


Complete with budgeting, cash-flow forecasting, reporting and analytics, it offers a range of pre-configured report templates, including profit and loss, balance sheet, sales, inventory and dashboards. So it’s ready to go, ‘straight out of the box’. And naturally, you can also create your own reports with its easy to understand report writing functionality.

Alchemex is all about making sense of large volumes of data by sorting and analysing it into logical reports and analytics, identifying trends and patterns. Your top 5 customers, for instance, or your top 5 and bottom 5 products.

Leverage Technology is a certified Alchemex partner, and implements, on average, 4 Alchemex sites per year. We know how to do it quickly and fuss-free, so you can start benefiting from it instantly. Just as importantly, we know how to tailor it for the specific, real-world needs of businesses in a range of verticals.

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  • Powerful new ‘In-Memory’ technology provides superior performance.
  • Intuitive Layout Generator with wizard to fast track financial layouts.
  • Task Pane gives you a 100% Excel experience.
  • Supports multiple fiscal years, and multiple charts of account, ledgers, companies and sites.
  • Simple right-click drill-down.
  • Account ranges, wildcards and exclusions gives you complete control over detail in accounts.
  • Integrated multi-currency support.
  • Advanced dimensional filtering for real-time analysis of your data.
  • Automated report distribution.
  • Reporting beyond your financials.
  • Compatible with latest Microsoft Excel technology.

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