Alice Springs Watershed

In deploying software, don’t make it your goal to avoid problems because they’re inevitable. The important thing is to know that when problems do arise, solutions will be available. With SAP, there has always been a solution to any need we’ve had. Simon Worssam, Director, The Alice Springs Watershed.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Feel confident about business software stability and support despite remote location
  • Attain support for specific required functions plus the flexibility to accommodate additional needs
  • Improve reporting environment


Ally with a software provider that is sure to remain viable for the long term, with multiple business partners to provide services and add-on applications


  • Long-term stability
  • Large, global partner ecosystem
  • Excellent match with functional requirements
  • Flexibility for tailoring to unique needs
  • Powerful, intuitive reporting environment


  • Found multiple sources for all needed services and software related to SAP products
  • Obtained cutting-edge functionality and excellent support despite the remoteness
  • Met requirements for online banking, vendor pricing file uploads, and exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Attained flexibility to accommodate additional needs through programming
  • Greatly improved reporting environment
  • Gained confidence in long-term software vendor stability, a steady stream of enhancements, and continued excellent support

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